Tiny Little Umbrella

On A Mountain; Beside The Sea.


After finishing the mural I got to enjoy the throws of food poisoning while trying to get to the hotel in this thing. Art is pain.

I just got back from doing a beautiful mural in a Guatemala. I met a lot of people … and cats. This is Gus. He is a total grouch (unless he’s sleeping).

A wedding gift for my sister and her husband to be!

The painting is based on a cabin that they secretly built out in the middle of nowhere.

Starting as just a shack, they now have a full cabin, fireplace, hot tub and sauna.

Pretty much crushed the animation game with this one.

One of the furry friends who come out to greet me during my lunchtime walk.

Sometimes when it is too windy too surf I ride my bicycle through the countryside.

First piece finished for a series I am working on, side by side, with a friend.

It is so crazy how one persons work flow differs from another. There is so much to be gained by observing others’ processes.

Art Night with my friend is getting underway!

Playing around with different ink washes and paper types.

The prompt for this one was “A cat with mismatched eyes”.

My goodness if I could have tree forts my way…

Quick Sketch